5 Best High School Senior Scholarships

5 Best High School Senior Scholarships

With plenty of scholarships available to high school seniors, you can’t defer this chance until your freshman year at college. Having a scholarship will enable you to plan for your college life, go big, and add to your college savings, to enable you to get into your dream college.

Directory of Scholarships for Senior Students
The following list offers some of the greatest college scholarship websites for high school seniors:

1. 5 Strong Scholarship: It’s eligible for individuals who reside in a Metro Atlanta Area. It is offered annually, with deadlines in December of each year. Maximum amount offered is $10,000.

2. 2017 SMPL: An online application and a letter of recommendation must be submitted for one to qualify. It is an annual scholarship with deadlines in February every year. Offers a maximum amount of $5,000

3. Austin College Art Scholarships are awarded to students with artistic talents: One is required to maintain active participation in one art or one art history course. Students are also expected to submit their work to the annual student art exhibit. Maximum amount offered is $16,000.

4. A.R.E. Scholarship, offered annually with deadlines in March. Provides a maximum of $5,000

5. Autumn Day Scholarship also offered annually with deadlines in April. The scholarship is awarded to needy students willing to enroll in post-secondary education. The amount awarded is $10,000.

It’s your final year of high school, and you are ready to pursue a new adventure — college. So take advantage of hundreds of scholarship opportunities available for you.