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The latest smart golf clubs!

The latest smart golf clubs!

Golf enthusiasts can take pleasure in knowing the latest smart golf clubs are designed to provide great results across the board, ensuring you get the most out of your game, round after round. The following are just some of the latest ones that are worth the investment.


Cobra Golf

In partnership with startup company Arccos, Cobra Gold has brought the Cobra King Driver to the industry, making it the first of its kind, a smart club that has all of the bells and whistles for the serious golfer.


As part of their new initiative entitled ‘Cobra Connect’, the goal is to give golfers all of the new technological advancements to improve their games without adding on trackers or sensors. The companies have designed grips with built-in sensors that give golfers the ability to use social sharing and gamification features that truly have revolutionized the way the game is played. According to reports, there will be two more drivers added to the King LTD in their first rollout of integrated clubs. These three models will come equipped with data tracking systems, and these sensors will have no effect on the player’s swing, nor will it affect the cost. There is also Arccos 360, a DIY sensor inside each club, allowing player to screw the sensor in at the top of a grip.


King Limited Driver Black

Referred to as the machine for ultimate distance, it is now back and smarter than previously and featuring Cobra Connect technology and a matte black finish. Utilizing the best technology and materials currently available, the King LTD is the straightest and longest driver Cobra has created in its history. The majority of drivers come equipped with center of gravity that’s positioned above an axis line that is neutral. The King Limited is the first to position down to this zero center of gravity, which equates to more distance through higher launches, far less spin, with increased ball speed. Spiralock technology is included which prevents over-tightening as well as loosening of weight through heavy vibration and higher speed impact, creating extremely low as well as deep center of gravity with higher MOI, a perfect combination for yielding ultimate distance without having to sacrifice forgiveness. Also, Cobra utilizes MyFly, their loft technology that adjusts the best launch conditions using 8 loft settings. There are both neutral and draw settings available to assure the best distance from tees. Experienced golfers may have the additional assistance of a rangefinder.


Cobra Debuts King F7, F7+ Drivers

Since re-launching the King name, Cobra has experienced a boon, and now that their F7 driver and F7+ drivers are back with loaded features (improved adjustability, Smart technology), golfers have more options than ever before, certain to improve their performance immensely.
Using a new carbon fiber called ‘TeXtreme’, the expanded crowns are lighter than ever, coming in at an amazing 8 grams lighter than the predecessor. There are not movable weights, three in fact, that dial in the center of gravity of the club. This and even more features make these latest drivers the cream of the crop and definitely worth the investment.

Smart home for people who don’t own their home

Smart home for people who don’t own their home

There’s no reason why you can’t make your space as personalized simply because you don’t own it. With today’s technology and your own sense of singular style, it is easier than ever to create a dwelling that is suited to your individual preferences and utilizing the latest gadgets available on the marketplace. The following as just a few suggestions to get great home tech specialized for your needs and to give your apartment a truly optimized visual.


Amazon Echo

For the perfect plug-and-play solution requiring limited installation skills, look no further than the Amazon Echo, which is the speaker that you simply plug in, connect to your Wi-Fi, and then activate via Amazon’s AI assistant, Alexa. For renters that are just getting their feet wet in tech, this is a perfect introduction and makes it easy to get grounded in new technology with voice commands that can be used throughout the apartment, making it simple to fill your entire space with a wall of sound if desired.


Google Home

Of course, Amazon is the only company in the smart speaker game, with Google Home the next option for those that are looking for an alternative. It comes with its own set of advantages, most importantly its home entertainment that can be activated simply by the sound of your voice.


Belkin WeMo Smart Switch

Belkin offers another plug-and-play option that is ideal for those looking to ‘smarten up’ their apartment. Simply plug it in, then plug something behind it and then you can automate its on/off function via the WeMo app, or using a 3rd party integrator like Alexa, Google Home, or IFTTT. At a cost of only $35, this is an investment any renter can get behind and immediately see the results.



The multicolor LED from Lifx are produced in Australia and are the smart lights that everyone seems to be talking about these days, and for good reason. These premium bulbs are color-changing and simple to use: simply screw in the bulbs, then connect via Wi-Fi using the Lifx app and your experience is all set to begin! Alternatively, the company also produces a multicolor strip as well that you stick under cabinets or behind fixtures for a cool visual effect. The brand also has the option of Infrared Light that equates to invisible light when you switch bulbs out. The light cannot be seen except via night vision. This is definitely the ultimate way to elevate your smart apartment.


Philips Dimming Kit

Searching for the next great lighting option? Then look no further than the Philips Hue which, like Lifx, utilizes bulbs that change colors, but these smart lights are cost effective and the kit is wireless to boot. Additionally, it comes with a remote and no hardwiring is necessary.


Philips Starter Kit

The Philips Starter Kit is an affordable option that also comes equipped with Hue Bridge, which can be used to add in Hue bulbs to the setup you already have or connect with Google Home, Alexa, or Siri.